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Robotics & Programming class with brand new topics, projects and discussions

Learn Robotics & Programming

Nowadays, coding and programming are considered a basic but fundamental literacy skill within the digital age. It is paramount for children to learn and have a good understanding of how coding and computer science work so they will also be able to understand how technology works and how technology continually evolves around us.

About The Course

This course has been designed for children to enjoy, have fun and learn. Our face-to-face autumn courses are small to enable tutors and children greater scope for interaction, dialogue, questions and answers. We motivate children to develop their understanding of computer science and specific coding languages while having fun. We also stimulate children to be creative. We teach children to learn how to identify a problem and look for a solution.

What we teach

Learn and consolidate fundamental principles of Robotics & Programming. Mathematical concepts such as area, perimeter, circumference, circumnavigation, fractions, decimals, percentages and how these concepts are applied to real-life situations. We offer an exclusive opportunity to learn about robotics and programming. We foster the development of resilience. Sometimes, some children tend to give up easily. We teach children that they need to try for alternate solutions to a given problem in a logical and creative way.
Coding and programming help children learn mathematics, in a practical way, since they start to visualise abstract concepts. Children are encouraged to see the real-world application of mathematics instead of relying solely on abstract figures that sometimes they cannot relate to. Children might also improve in writing because of the development of coding and programming skills. Children learn the value of planning before starting a task. They also learn how to be concise but accurate.

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Children are expected to attend on a weekly basis

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